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WELCOME To Greater Destiny Church

Greater Destiny Church formerly known was founded on September 26, 2016 by Pastor Travis Rogers. The ministry was formed inside of the home of Pastor and First Lady Rogers in their living room. We started off with just three members excluding Pastor and First Lady Rogers. Several years prior, God gave Pastor and First Lady the vision to restore Hope to the lost souls thus beginning HRWC (GDC). During the worship services in Pastor and First Lady's home, the Lord began to move mightily, causing the three to turn into fifteen which was outgrowing the space allotted in his home that was designated for worship. This opened up the vision for God to bless us with our current home which is rapidly growing to this day located at 604 SW Bayshore Blvd. Port Saint Lucie FL. We started off with no furniture in the church building, but as Pastor's Godfather in the ministry the late Reverend James Robert Poole taught him that with crazy faith anything is possible with God, allowing Pastor and his parents Deacon Q. Robinson and Leading Mother L. Robinson to be lead to the right place at the right time, where God blessed the ministry with a complete pulpit set and offering box at little to no cost. We then went on and worshiped in the building as the lord saw fit using only a handful of folding chairs. As time went on Pastor's Armour-bearer consisted that the wall should come down. Pastor would always respond to wait on the Lord to move further, for he knew that God had a plan for the wall. After much prayer and consulting with God in regards to the wall Pastor received his answer. He noticed that the wall in the middle of the church was a hindrance to the furtherance of the ministry, which we called "the wall of Jericho".  One late night Pastor and his Armour-bearer decided it was time to reconstruct the church, the appointed time had come. It was time to take down the wall of Jericho. While removing the wall Pastor heard from the Lord again, instructing him to utilize the wood and framing to create a pulpit platform for ministry leaders to stand on. We started off with 20 folding chairs and thankfully God allowed another blessing to be bestowed upon our ministry. During worship service on a Sunday morning Pastor gave the vision for the expansion of our sanctuary, the members saw the vision in the back of our newly reconstructed sanctuary there was an open space, Pastor said it's time to fill the space. That Sunday a few faithful members came together and blessed our ministry with new padded interlocking chairs. At this point the crazy faith kicked in, not only did God give access to new chairs but He also granted our ministry with new members to fill those chairs. Our next goal is to find a larger building, knowing that our Pastor has crazy faith and that the members are taking the vision as well and running with it. This allows great blessings to continue to rain upon our ministry. We look forward to the future of this ministry and to continue to believe that God is able to do anything but fail!